Method Martial Arts offers no gi submission grappling for both tournament jiu jitsu and mixed martial arts competition.

The program is a mixture of the following martial arts:


Because our program has evolved from mixed martial arts competition we focus on escapes, high percentage submissions and position.
This is a common question in the world of martial arts. The reality is that all martial arts have some relevance to actual physical combat; however, one must consider what kind of self defense situations arise outside of the rules of a tournament.  Often programs get used to competing within a certain rule set which is part of TOURNAMENT martial arts and lose sight of the reality of actual combat where there are NO RULES.
Therefore,  the short answer to this question is to truly be capable of defending onself it is necessary to learn to fight both standing AND on the ground where most fights end up in the real world. Our program is designed to address every facet of reality based combat without the frills of techniques that do not have relevance to real physical combat.
Method Mixed Martial Arts has fighters competing in full contact mixed martial arts events on a regular basis.  Our mixed martial arts program is centered on developing fighters as strikers to prepare them for the harsh realities of entertainment prize fighting.

The current state of professional (and amateaur) mixed martial arts competition reveals that prize fighting is an ENTERTAINMENT as as such rewards fighters that provide the greatest amount of excitement for spectators.

Because strikers are very often considered by promoters (the employer in this relationship) more exciting to watch than other highly effective mixed martial arts styles; our program focuses it's attention on developing that dynamic in our fighters.

Our mixed martial arts program includes a foundation on western boxing, kickboxing in the Thai style, and catch wrestling or NOGI jiu jitsu.